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  • PA decides not to withhold personal financial statements of its MPs.


    “We believe that we have to be transparent regarding this issue. I will write a letter to the speaker asking him to provide personal financial statements of People Alliance MPs if any institution asks for it. I will also inform Anti Corruption Commission that all 7 MPs of Peoples Alliance have no objection to share the statements. I am preparing the letters.” said Nazim.

  • President Nasheed threatens to defy ruling of Supreme Court on civil servants salaries.


    The salaries of the Civil Servants were reduced for three months starting from October 2009, after an agreement between the Finance Ministry and Civil Service Commission (CSC). However, Finance ministry extended the duration for additional 3 months without approval of Civil Service Commission. After using  After using various means to persuade the government to payback the additional cut of 3 months, the

  • International community should take a firm stand to make MDP government accountable for human rights violations.


    Unfortunately, Maldivian Democratic Party, the self proclaimed champions of human rights as opposition party, has double standards when it’s their constitutional responsibility to promote and defend human rights. Sadly, the international community has so far failed to hear the pleas of those Maldivians who are suffering under the hidden repressive regime.HRCMs findings that specifically fall under the Article 7 of International Covenant 

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